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What are Micro-credentials?

Industry-relevant learning opportunities for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to upskill and elevate your career, explore a new career path, or broaden your learning, the Micro-credentials Portal can help you find the right micro-credentials to get you there.


All courses are less than 12 weeks in duration


Costs less than a degree or diploma


Options to learn where and how you want

The Benefits of Micro-credentials

Why should you choose micro-credentials?

Accessible education

Micro-credentials are affordable and take less time to complete than degrees or diplomas. They may be completed online, on campus or on-the-job.

Prove your skills

Micro-credentials are verifiable credentials from reputable organizations so you can prove what you know to current and future employers.

Accelerate your career

Many micro-credentials are created with input from business sectors to equip you with the knowledge and skills to match employer needs.

Industries in Focus

Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Information Technology are experiencing some of the largets talent shortages. Explore mico-credential programs for skill development in each of these areas.


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